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Protective Leather & Furniture Salve™

Protective Leather & Furniture Salve™

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Our protective salve has garnered praise for its all-natural, hemp oil and wax-based formulation that’s free of harsh chemicals and solvents. It’s designed to refresh, restore, and protect in one simple, safe step.

Whether you’re looking to enhance raw or stained wood, rejuvenate leather, polish furniture, or clean stainless-steel appliances—including your kitchen sink—our protective salve is your go-to solution. It even works to clarify foggy headlights and restore old vinyl in cars.

Ingredients: Paraffin oil, Palm wax, Glycerin, Beeswax, Olive oil. 
Size: Salve: 10*10*4.2(cm) , Palm Brush: 7.5*2(cm)

Note: Results may vary based on the severity of damage, type of wood or leather, and the finish.

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✨ Furniture Spa in a Tin

Bring your worn-out furniture back to life with this furniture and leather salve. It's like a spa treatment for your favorite chair or sofa. Just a small dab of this salve can make leather and wood feel smooth and look shiny again.

💲Protect Your Treasures

This salve isn't just for restoring furniture, it protects your investment! Natural waxes and oils shield leather from cracking and wood from scratches. Keep your furniture looking beautiful for years to come.

🏠 Easy to Use, Big Results

Just a dab of this salve is all you need. Apply it with a soft cloth, buff away any excess, and watch your furniture transform. It's a simple process that delivers amazing results, leaving your leather and wood feeling soft, supple, and looking their best.

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